Antarctic pilot chart book, hand written by experienced Antarctic explorers. Passed onto us by our friend Gjermund from yacht Jageren.
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1. The aim of this expedition is to take a 20M Challenge class yacht from the Arctic to Antarctica, all in one season, 10,000 miles in 10 months The yacht will be prepared and skippered by Simon Smith. The crew will consist of 2 watch leaders and 12 crew, 2 of which will be young people being given an opportunity to sail free. We will have 24 hrs of daylight in the Arctic then sail south where we will again have 24 hrs of daylight this is a tremendously exciting expedition as there is no record of any sailing vessels that have ever completed this trip.

2. Planned departure from UK is 1st June 2014. Visiting the Shetland Islands and then onto Bodo in Norway, in the Arctic circle. We will spend about 3 weeks exploring around this area and then head south stopping in France, Spain, Morocco, Canaries, Brazil, Uruguay (Montevideo), Argentina. Planned arrival in Chile (Ushuaia) in December 2014. Distance from UK approximately 9,000 miles.

3. Port William: waiting for a weather window to cross to the Antarctica peninsula.

4. Approximately 4 weeks exploring Antarctica.

5. Waiting for a weather window to cross back to Chile, arrival date by the end of March 2015. Total time of expedition, 10 months and 10,000 miles.


1. A 20 Metre Challenge yacht has 15 berths Skipper 2 watch leaders and 12 crew.

2. The cost per person is £30,000 , which includes all costs onboard. Travel expenses back to UK, food while on shore, alcohol, medical treatment and insurance are not included in the price.

3. Potential crew members must undergo one weeks introduction on a 12M yacht in the Solent, followed by a two weeks of sail training onboard the 20 metre vessel. This can be arranged all year round in the Solent area (UK).

4. Each crew member will undergo a comprehensive, ongoing training program to suit their needs and experience.

5. The crew will be fully trained in the operation of all the equipment on a 20 metre, sailing yacht sailing in some of the most testing conditions in the world: Southern Ocean.

6. Crew members must be willing to work long hours, sometimes in extreme conditions.

7. The biggest problem onboard any expedition-boat, is the equipment wearing out and breaking, therefore the crew will learn all the aspects of maintaining and servicing of the vessel and all of the equipment.

8. The advantage of sailing aboard of a vessel like a Challenge yacht is, that each crew member is FULLY involved in all procedures onboard. Crew members take in turns all the duties (reefing, watch keeping, changing the sails, trimming the sails, safety procedures). This gives a chance to learn about all aspects of running a sailing vessel.

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